Stefan Mladjenovic receives 2023 Jennifer Dorrington Award

Originally By Anika Hazra

The Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research recognizes three outstanding graduate students each year with the Jennifer Dorrington Graduate Research Award. The award supports the students’ continued progress in achieving their research goals and contributing to the Centre’s history of excellence in advancing discovery, medicine and health. The recipients of the 2023 Jennifer Dorrington Graduate Research Award are Lia HuoStefan Mladjenovic and Sara Pour.

All three award recipients have demonstrated dedication to their research while managing the challenges of being a graduate student during the COVID-19 pandemic. Unusual circumstances, including having to interact with colleagues and foster collaboration virtually and maintain momentum with limited access to lab spaces, did not deter Huo, Mladjenovic or Pour. Their resilience is just one of the stellar qualities for which the three graduate students are celebrated with the award.

“On behalf of everyone on the Jennifer Dorrington Graduate Research Award committee, I would like to offer my warmest congratulations to this year’s winners. Lia Huo, Stefan Mladjenovic and Sara Pour represent the future of science, building on the work of their predecessors and making strides in their respective fields. Our graduate trainees at the Donnelly Centre are truly at the forefront of biological research,” said Gary Bader, professor of molecular genetics and chair of the 2023 Jennifer Dorrington Graduate Research Award selection committee.