Bionanotechnology Progress and Advances

Warren C. W. Chan

Biology of Blood and Marrow Transplantation 12:87-91 (2006)


Advances in the nanotechnology research have provided a new set of research tools, materials, structures, andsystems for biological and medical research and applications. These nanotechnologies include the applicationof fluorescent quantum dots for optical imaging, the design of metallic nanoparticle surfaces for ultrasensitivebiomolecular fingerprinting, and the use of nanostructures as hyperthermia agents for cancer therapy. Unlikeconventional technologies, unique properties can be incorporated into nanometer-size particles, structures,and systems simply by changing their size, shape, and composition. Because of the tunable properties,biologists and clinicians could custom-design a material for a specific research need. In this review article, wehighlight the recent advances and progress in Bionanotechnology research as well as provide future perspectiveon this integrative field.