Interfacing peptides identified using
phage-display screening with
quantum dots for the design of

Sawitri Mardyani, Anupam Singhal, Wen Jiang, Warren C. W. Chan

Nanobiophotonics and Biomedical Applications II (28 April 2005

Doi 10.1117/12.601609

The interface of targeting molecules that can recognize and identify specific biomolecules with highly luminescent
semiconductor nanocrystals or quantum dots can lead to a novel and powerful new class of probes for studying biomolecules
in real-time or for imaging and detecting diseases. We describe the rationale design of optical nanoprobes by using
fluorescent semiconductor quantum dots with targeting molecules (TMs)-identified using phage display screening. Quantum
dots are nanometer-sized particles with unique and tunable optical properties. They offer numerous optical advantages over
traditional organic fluorophores in biological analysis and detection (e.g., photostability, continuous absorption profile).