Tunable and precise miniature lithium heater for point-of-care applications

Buddhisha Udugama, Pranav Kadhiresan, Warren CW Chan

PNAS March 3, 2020 117 (9) 4632-4641 | DOI:10.1073/pnas.1916562117


Biochemical techniques are required for a variety of different point-of-care applications, from diagnosing illnesses to manufacturing vaccines. Many of these applications cannot be used in remote locations due to their reliance on electricity for temperature control. Here we have developed a miniature lithium heater, up to 8,000 times smaller than existing technologies, enabling the use of biochemical techniques at the point of care. By using these heaters in a model workflow that detects the presence of a virus, we demonstrate their applicability to a broad range of biochemical techniques that require precise temperature control. This technology may be broadly used, such as in disaster relief camps or mountain expeditions, for diagnostic and therapeutic applications.