Toward the Accurate Read‐out of Quantum Dot Barcodes: Design of Deconvolution Algorithms and Assessment of Fluorescence Signals in Buffer

J. A. Lee, A. Hung, S. Mardyani, A. Rhee, J. Klostranec, Y. Mu, D. Li, W. C. W. Chan

Advanced Materials Volume 19, Issue 20 | DOI: 10.1002/adma.200701955


Signal processing methods and constraints for discerning the fluorescence signals of the QD‐barcodes are explored. QD‐barcodes and their corresponding fluorescence spectra (see figure) require signal processing algorithms in order to be uniquely identified. Using these algorithms, we determined the number of available barcodes for use in biological detection. We also studied the impact of chemical constraints such as buffer and pH level on the barcode and read‐out design.