High Throughput Quantification of Protein Expression of Cancer Antigens in Tissue Microarray Using Quantum Dot Nanocrystals

Arezou A. Ghazani, Jeongjin A. Lee, Jesse Klostranec, Qing Xiang, Ralph S. Dacosta, Brian C. Wilson, Ming S. Tsao, Warren C. W. Chan

Nano Lett. 2006, 6, 12, 2881–2886 Doi.org/10.1021/nl062111n


We developed and validated a novel method for quantifying protein expression of cancer tumors in an accurate, sensitive, and high throughput format. This technique integrates quantum dots, tissue microarray, optical spectroscopy, and algorithm design for analysis of tumor biopsies. The integration of this method for tissue analysis in the clinic bears potential impact for improving the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.